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Execute on complex campaigns, maintain messaging across channels, boost conversions, then test and optimize for superior results – all with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Retailers who moved to Oracle Marketing Cloud saw increased customer engagement and …

increase in marketer productivity

surge in campaign-driven revenues

How to Send the Right Offers at the Right Time

Leverage your users’ behavior to create scalable, sophisticated experiences that spur repeat purchases and increase loyalty. It’s all possible with the Oracle Marketing Cloud program canvas tool.

Watch this 1-minute video to learn how Oracle Marketing Cloud can help:

Empower your cross-channel communications

Capture profound insights across touchpoints

Drive incremental revenue via hyper-personalized content

Context & Conversion: A Match Made in Retail Heaven

Personalized communications are key to heightening customer engagement and retention. Whether that’s on a desktop computer or a mobile device (where 80 percent of content is predicted to be consumed by 2018). So, where’s the best place to start?

Listen to this Oracle Modern Marketing podcast to learn how to:

Personalize shopper satisfaction with open time data

Leverage adaptive tech to spotlight enticing offers

Infuse emails with content that drives revenue

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Let Your Customers Be Your Guide

Mobile. Email. In-store. Today’s path to purchase is no longer linear. That means it’s crucial to greet customers with meaningful content across platforms, channels, and devices. Oracle Marketing Cloud eliminates the guesswork of predicting customer journeys - making even the most complex campaigns possible.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how Oracle Marketing Cloud:

Uses behavior to craft personalized suggestions

Employs multivariate testing for amplified conversion

Elevates customer satisfaction to encourage repeat purchases

No Compromises: You Can Have it All

It’s hard to find an email marketing tool that lets you orchestrate connected cross-channel campaigns. Some are easy to use but lack important functionality. Others are robust but complicated to use.

Oracle Marketing Cloud offers a streamlined interface that’s easy to navigate – yet powerful enough to let you design, test, and optimize targeted content for your cross-touchpoint strategy.

Watch this video to discover how Oracle can help you:

Kick the tires on your designs before deployment

Achieve more consistency with lifecycle campaigns

Collaborate for a more creative customer journey

Go Beyond A/B Testing for Greater Audience Insights

Not sure which combination of elements convert the best? Now, there’s a highly scientific way to see what catches the attention of buyers.

Oracle Marketing Cloud offers multivariate testing that compares the results of up to eight elements within an email to ensure audiences get the content that interests them most.

Explore this product demo to hear how you can:

Optimize emails in real time throughout the customer journey

Gain insights based on actual behaviors

Acquire more customers and grow your revenue base

Gartner Report: Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

When choosing a multichannel partner, many companies rely on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for guidance. This helpful resource ranks vendors as Leaders, Challengers, Niche Players, or Visionaries.

In this year’s report, Oracle was named a Leader and recognized for several unique strengths and new capabilities. These features, and Oracle’s future roadmap, will continue to revolutionize the way marketers acquire new customers and cultivate loyalty.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Can Help You

Prompt repeat purchases

Integrate processes and data

Elevate customer satisfaction

Reduce dependency on IT

Increase your share of wallet

Get deep visibility into performance

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