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Retail marketers face a set of unique marketing challenges – and great opportunities – in the omnichannel world. Reaching, engaging, converting, and retaining customers increasingly involves big data, multiple channels, and intelligent use of individual insights.

Retail Marketers’ Top Challenges

of marketers believe their marketing is real-time enough to deliver adequate business results

of customers engage with products online, then buy them in-store

of marketers have siloed teams and technologies by channel

Retailer Marketers’ Top Opportunities

Data. Data. Data. Find real value in your data by monetizing what lies ahead — new customers, new buying patterns, new methods for maximizing revenue.

“Working with Oracle Marketing Cloud allows ModCloth to speak to our consumers where our consumers are, with one consistent brand voice.”

Jared Stivers

Senior Manager Email Marketing, ModCloth

Customer Moods and Moments Take Center Stage

ModCloth delivers an ideal customer experience that speaks to the mood and moment of each consumer. How?

With cross-channel orchestration driven by Oracle Marketing Cloud technology. ModCloth’s welcome campaign generated a 330 percent lift in email campaign revenue.


Customers who shop on more than one channel have 30% greater lifetime value than those who only shop on one (IDC).

The Key to Success Across Channels

55% of marketers use at least 10 channels in their marketing mix. To learn how marketers are using cross-channel orchestration to achieve superior results, download this ebook from Aberdeen Group.

Put Your Data to Work

Your data knows who your customers are, what they want, and what’s working across your channels and creative. When you segment that data effectively, you’ll be on the road to higher conversion rates.

How Oracle Marketing Cloud Can Tackle Your Top Challenges

Challenge #1:

Disparate data

Oracle Marketing Cloud brings together different sources of data to create a single customer view.

Challenge #2:

Siloed teams

Oracle Marketing Cloud provides a platform where the same data and insights are accessible to all.

Challenge #3:

Poor cross-channel orchestration

Oracle Marketing Cloud allows seamless orchestration of complementary activity across multiple channels.

Challenge #4:

Dependency on IT

Oracle Marketing Cloud is easy and intuitive to use, reducing dependency on IT.

Challenge #5:

Visibility into performance

Oracle Marketing Cloud provides comprehensive, insightful metrics to evaluate and optimize activity.

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