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Cross-channel marketing is a high-stakes game for today’s modern retailer. Take the win with higher opens, clicks, conversions, and engagement by integrating real-time customer data with advanced marketing techniques.

Biggest Obstacles to 1:1 Personalization at Scale

Organizational constraints and silos

Automating decisions at scale

Real-time contextual customer data

Data quality

Get Personal And Keep Them Coming Back

It’s finally possible to send personalized messages to your entire audience. Armed with surprising behavioral insights and real-time device detection data, one Oracle Marketing Cloud client personalized content for 100% of its email audience and another increased online sales by 434%.

Download this ebook to learn how you can:

  • Understand customers in context
  • Architect true one-to-one shopper experiences
  • Garner incremental revenue via email

“With Oracle Marketing Cloud, we really felt that they were strategically set up to help guide us down this journey to all digital marketing”

Luci Rainey

Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing, Comcast Cable

Personalization Drives a 20:1 Return

Comcast uses Oracle Marketing Cloud technology and expertise to deliver a better customer experience through transparency and personalization. Using data-driven digital marketing, this Fortune 50 media and entertainment company has achieved a 20:1 return on its investment.

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Finally: Tactics and Technology for the New Buying Process

Having easy access to product information and real-time feedback has utterly transformed how consumers research and evaluate games, events, and merchandise.

Learn how you can take advantage of every promotional opportunity in Getting the Digital Handshake Right.

You’ll discover how to stay aligned with the online behaviors that your customers reveal through their digital body language. You’ll also ensure you’re always ready to provide the next enticing offer—no matter which channel your customers access.

Decode Shopper Habits With Oracle Marketing Cloud

Retailers who moved to Oracle Marketing Cloud saw increased customer engagement and …

increase in marketer productivity

surge in campaign-driven revenues

Getting To Know You: Your Guide to Higher Conversions

It’s getting harder for retailers to grow their revenues and engage customers while also managing costs. But according to a new report by Nucleus Research, retailers moving to Oracle Marketing Cloud increased their marketer productivity by an average of 50 percent while increasing customer engagement. This led to a surge of up to 30 percent in campaign-driven revenues.

Want to learn how you can do the same?

How Oracle Marketing Cloud Can Tackle Your Top Challenges

Challenge #1:

Disparate data

Oracle Marketing Cloud brings together different sources of data to create a single customer view.

Challenge #2:

Siloed teams

Oracle Marketing Cloud provides a platform where the same data and insights are accessible to all.

Challenge #3:

Poor cross-channel orchestration

Oracle Marketing Cloud allows seamless orchestration of complementary activity across multiple channels.

Challenge #4:

Dependency on IT

Oracle Marketing Cloud is easy and intuitive to use, reducing dependency on IT.

Challenge #5:

Visibility into performance

Oracle Marketing Cloud provides comprehensive and insightful metrics to evaluate and optimize activity.

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